Things you need to know:

1.      Use a Reynolds Slow Cooker Liner. You can save so much time and energy with easy cleanup. And for this recipe, it can even be used to pull out leftovers – if there is any – and easily transfer to a container to be stored in your fridge.

You can find these in the aisle with Reynolds Aluminum Foil. In the past they were 4 in a box, but recently I have seen 8 in a box. You can purchase Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners on Amazon. The best value on their site as of this post is 12 boxes of 4 liners for $0.59 per liner.

If not shopping online, you can print a coupon from this page. Click on “Save Now on Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners.” You will be sent to Red Plum’s site. If you have never printed coupons there before, here is a link to “How do I install the coupon printing software” on Red Plum’s site.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

2.      Use chicken tenders instead of chicken breasts. Since the meat is at the bottom of the dish, it can be difficult to scoop up. When we used whole breasts we would end up with large chunks of meat in some servings, and no meat in other servings. Tenders just work better for serving.

3.      Use salt free canned green beans. Since I use salt free, I don’t drain the liquid. If you choose to drain, make sure and add water. Once I had only one can of green beans so it was dry compared to all the other times.

4.      You can give the recipe and non cold foods as a recipe bag to a friend. I have done this repeatedly and people love it. They just need to buy the chicken and sour cream to make the meal. Or better yet, if possible include those items too if you are going to their house, so they can refrigerate the cold items.

Click here to download a printable recipe for the bag you are giving to a friend.

Share a recipe bag with a friend

Share a recipe bag with a friend

To print the recipe.