April 15-21

Friday, April 15, 2016

After a whole week of no sodas (not even root beer), no juice (love cran-cherry, cran-grape, but mainly cran-mango), and no milkshakes (it was so hard to go to Chick Fil A and not get a Frosted Lemonade) I only lost one pound. On the bright side – I did lose weight, not gain. On to eating better foods. It is not just adding good things – like water – but also removing not so good things.

8:00 am
8 oz of water

9:30 am
PB&J sandwich

12:00 pm
Chick fil a side salad
Chick fil a fruit cup

2:30 pm
Wendy’s side salad
Wendy’s baked potato with sour cream
8 oz of water

5:30 pm
Caesar salad
2 rolls with butter
1/2 salmon (took leftovers)
1/2 rice pilaf (took leftovers)
16 oz of water

9:30 pm
Blueberry Clif bar
8 oz of water

I apologize that the last few days have been so hectic and I need to catch up. The notes are on my phone, and the pics of food. For now you can see pics on Instagram and Facebook.