Some weight loss programs I have used before:

Atkins – This was many years ago. We went on vacation and never got back to it. It was so long ago I don’t remember the details, but did lose some weight.

Anti-inflammatory – Someone told me about a person that had herbs and a diet. I contacted him and he sent the diet and I purchased the herbs. I stuck with this plan only one month. My physical pain went away and I had more energy. Then we went to a movie – Gone with the Wind – and I had a box of milk duds. And my eating was gone with the wind – no returning to diet. Plus, I was starving all the time. I mainly ate boiled eggs and a little lettuce. So definitely lost weight.

Personal Trainer – Will never do that again. Did not actually lose weight, but clothes fit better. At first I could keep up with the daily exercise time and calorie restriction. But along the way she kept increasing the exercise time and decreasing the calories. Once those were beyond my capacity to endure I quit altogether.


Weight Watchers – I had the app on my phone. I measured my food, and kept track all day. I even started eating the crust of pizza – hey if I was going to use the point, might as well use all the food I could get for it.

I loved that fruit were 0 points. That way at the end of the day when you run out of points, you could still have something to eat.

There  were times I would wait til midnight to eat, so I could get my next day’s points.

I lost weight, and felt better. But one weekend of not counting points and I never got back to it. I kept paying the monthly fee for the app on my phone for many months, hoping I would stick with it again. A few times I would, but usually not very long.

I might consider this again. It did help me learn about portions. I loved that I could eat anything I wanted, even chocolate and still lose weight. It is just about balance.

So what worked best for me? What am I going to work on again? Click here to see.