Aldi’s has eggs on sale this week for $0.89 $0.69 per dozen. So it is time to stock up, and look for some recipes. Enjoy this round up.

Eggs - Julia's Dining . com

Eggs – Julia’s Dining . com

First, you need to know…

Do you want to boil your eggs without using a timer? I have used the Eggsact Egg Timer  for many years and love it. It is so handy because you place it in the water with the eggs. It changes from red to purple as it cooks. So you can tell how much of the egg is cooked, all the way to the center.


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Never heard of Scotch eggs before. Not sure if I would like it.

Here are three Egg drop soup recipes that have been very popular on Pinterest:

Egg drop soup on Gimme Some Oven.

Quick and easy egg drop soup on Simply Recipes.

Egg drop soup on Spoon Fork Bacon.

More egg recipes on Pinterest.


If eggs are off your list of items to eat, you can find egg substitutions on

The Pretty Bee

Swanson Vitamins

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